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Premium Buffing

Sometimes, you just want your vehicle to look brand new. Golden-State’s premium buffing microfiber towels have what it takes to give your car the buff job it deserves. Not only can microfiber premium polishing towels help you do that, but they’re also absolutely safe to use on surfaces including glass, paint, metal, or plastic. We also offer edgeless, tagless towels for an added precaution when it comes time to for buffing.

Not only are microfiber towels great for dry polishing and buffing, but they’re also super absorbent and perfect for drying. Towels comes in a variety of bright colors that won’t fade and are easy to spot. This can help you distinguish cleaning and polishing solutions and avoid cross-contamination. When it’s time to make your auto’s body shine, have the right tools at the ready.

Premium Buffing