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Microfiber Multi Purpose Fire Red Towel, 16"x16", Bulk Package, 240pcs/case

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$450.00 /case

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Short Description


  • * Pick up dust like magnet when use it dry
  • * Absorb water/liquid like a sponge
  • * Ultra plush prevents scratch
  • * Lint free, streak free




When it comes to basic, everyone needs to have a stack of these multi-purpose microfiber towels. No job is too big for our basic towel. Use it for cleaning, drying, wiping, buffing, polishing and more inside and out of your vehicles. Instead of pushing dirt around, the powerful magnetic charge holds dirt to completely remove it from surfaces. Superior quality make it safe for all surfaces: paint, glass, metal and plastics. 8 bright colors for easy color-coded your different tasks to avoid cross contamination. This Fire Red, we nickname it "China Red", microfiber towel might be a good idea to use on wheels because wheels are typically the dirtiest part of a car, and you don't want to risk towels that contain break dust and grime from the wheels getting all over a clean painted surface. Size in 16"x16" can be easily folded into comfortable dimensions to fit your hands.


Spec. & Care



SKU 12345
color yellow
size 16x16mm

Care Instruction


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