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Clay Foam Block
Clay Foam Block

Magic Shine Clay Foam Block Pack of 6

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  • Eco-friendly product.
  • Medium Grade
  • Clay Block work well with water, no need for harsh chemical lubricant
  • Fast and easy way to safely remove rail dust, water spots, tar, bugs, and pint over spray from automotive painted surfaces, glass, chrome and wheels
  • Will not strip or remove wax or sealant protection
  • No harsh abrasives 
  • Application is non-sticky and no kneading required
  • A Clay Sponge can clean 10 full size vehicles
  • Can safely re-use even when you drop on the ground with soap and water
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How to use Clay Block?

  1. Wash vehicle very well to loosen surface dirt;
  2. While the vehicle still wet, hold Clay Block rubber side against the surface and glide it back and forth GENTLY.  Don’t press it hard onto the surface and rub it roughly;
  3. Repeat the gliding motion with water until you feel the surface is smooth with your bare hand.  Spray water to keep the working area wet if needed;
  4. Occasionally check the Clay Block for heavy contaminants that may be stuck onto it.  Rinse and rub Clay Block under warm running water before use it again;
  5. Rinse again and dry your vehicle with our microfiber towel. 
  6.  Enjoy the SHINING!

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