Does your car has leather seats?  Are you wondering how to deep clean those open pores?  Our 100% natural horse hair brush BU-BRW is perfect for you.  Golden State's interior / exterior horsehair brush packed with 2" highly dense soft bristles.  It can help you scrub any dirt and grime from deep graining as well as dust off deep edges and crease easily.

To preserve the value and look of your car, taking good care of its interior is as much important as exterior.  This natural horsehair brush BU-BRW gentle yet effective cleans penetrate deep into the pores of your leather, canvas, vinyl, convertible to dissolve and lift away dirt and debris.  Its soft bristles agitate cleaner CS-UC or leather CL-SC conditioner evenly to break down the stains, making it easy to remove completely from any surface. The foam block is molded to fit your hand comfortably, even for long hours of working.

Golden State Trading Inc. has been a leading wholesaler of car wash and auto detailing supplies since 2002.  We carry large selections of microfiber towels, tire / rim brushes, wash sponges, waxes / sealants and much more.  We constantly look for distributors in different areas.  If you are interested in reselling our products and have a valid resell's permit.  Please contact us at 626-579-6018 or email to [email protected].  

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