How to Clean Your Car Wheels Properly

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How to clean your car wheel properly


Proper cleaning and maintenance of your wheels is more important than you think, here is why. Brake dust is made of a combination of adhesives and carbon fibers that are created when there is friction coming off of the brake pad. The friction creates tiny metal shavings from the rotors. You may think it's ok to leave it sitting on your vehicle wheels, but in all actuality, it's really not. Brake dust can damage the alloy (metal) material of your rims over time due to its highly corrosive components.

Taking good care of the vehicle's wheels can reduce corrosion from too much "brake dust", prevent rust and erosion, increase the longevity of the vehicle wheels and enhance the appearance of your car.

Here are some proper steps in cleaning the wheels:

1. Directly spray our aluminum brightener CA-AB to the rims with a chemical and acid resistant bottle AT-BLK-B and sprayer AT-BLK

2. ALUM BRITE is a concentrated formula cleaner. Please allows it sit for 2-3 min.

3. Once it's ready, use our soft 17" netted yarn spoke wheel brush BW17BLK-YRN to remove all dirt and debris from inside out, starting from the inner lip of the rims

4. Next step is to use our spoke brush to scrub off all dirt and grime between the spokes. Our spoke brush comes in 2 different size, 13" & 18" BW18BLK & BW18BLK-S. They have rubber tip and back-splatter shield to avoid accidentally scratch the rims,

5. For tighter spokes, lug nuts, and wheel caps, clean with our boar hair detailing brush BD10BLK/BLK

6. Use a convenience hand pump bottle APS-WHT to spray the tire with our foaming soap CSi-FS

7. Scrub excess tough dirt and grime using our stiff bristle short handle brush BS9YLW. Or use our soft bristles BS9RED/GRY to gently agitate, clean stains, and oils from all tires.

8. Rinse thoroughly then use a clean microfiber towel MRAG16BLU to dry the surfaces completely

9. Now it's time to apply a layer of protectant to the tires. Squeeze a couple drops of our SHINY TIRE PROTECTOR CD-TP to our foam gel applicator AA4BLU. Simple apply the tire gel to complete this process.

10. Enjoy the newly restored wheels!



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