Crank Out a Great Father's Day Gift for the Gearhead in Your Life

Practical and appreciated

As an automotive aficionado, there’s a good chance your dad wants to keep his ride spotless. A commercial grade polisher kitfrom Golden State Trading will be greatly appreciated and come in handy now that spring has arrived. Add car wash solution, microfiber cloths, and wheel and window cleaners and his favorite vehicle will shine like it was detailed like a pro.

Want something homemade? Liveabout Dotcom offers some DIY car cleaning products that will make the eco-conscious (and cost-conscious) father smile! And of course, if Dad prefers his time behind the wheel but loves to see his ride shine, a trip to a professional detailer is a stellar present. Round out your package with a protective coverso Dad’s car won’t be damaged when it’s not in use.

For dads who like to spend their free time under the hood, a clean and organized garage is an ideal gift. Make a space he’ll enjoy by clearing out everything that’s been sitting stagnant. Organize his tools, add a pegboard to the wall behind his workspace, and invest in a floor cooling fan so he’ll stay comfortable when he’s ready to tinker. Your gearhead will be over the moon with all that extra space for his beloved car.

If your dad’s vehicle is lacking for security, consider gifting him an anti-theft device like a car alarm or a LoJack Recovery System. You’ll not only be protecting his car against theft, but you’re also potentially giving him a chance to lower his auto insurance rates. If you’re not sure which company he uses, compare insurance companies in the state where he lives to see what’s covered.

Middle of the road

Audiophiles like their music loud and clear. Car speakers should be at the top of your gift-giving considerations, but only for those responsible enough to keep the volume at a non-eardrum-shattering level.

Dads who show their vehicle may like an underglow kit, which illuminates the road and adds some theatrics. Be warned, however, that these are not road-legal in all states so check before you buy.

If your dad’s automotive enthusiasm extends to all-terrain vehicles, set him up with an extra pair of tires so he’s got some handy in case he ever has a blowout. You can even find a top-rated set of ATV tires for less than $100.


Passes to the best car museums are always in style and, if you have the budget, plane tickets to get there are nice, too. Or if your dad doesn't yet have the car of his dreams, consider a luxury car rental. He’ll enjoy rolling around town in a Maserati, Ferrari, or other high-end exotic, even if only for a day.

Finally, for the ultimate experience, get him tickets to a car show that showcases vehicles he loves. You can usually find automotive events in every state that are timed to coincide with Father’s Day.

Father’s Day isn’t just about gifts, but it’s fun to give when you know it will appeal to someone’s passions. And while you can still give a gift card, any of these gifts will show you put some thought into the process. And seeing him open something meaningful will make your heart race as fast as his need for speed.

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