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Cotton Towel / China Towel

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16"x25" Cotton Towel 2.8 Lbs / Doz. Blue, Green, Red & White (12 pcs / pk & 20 pks / case)

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Good quality 100% Cotton Terry Towels from China. Every Car Wash and Detailing Dealer must stock these high performance towels. These drying towels absorb water fast and leave NO lint. Lint is probably the biggest issue people use cotton towels consent. That is why lots of car wash and detailing business owner switch to microfiber towels. However some car enthusiasm from old school still prefer using cotton towel as their main cleaning and drying cloths. Our 100% cotton terry towel has special treatment before leaving the factory. They are lint FREE. These 2.8 pounds per dozen towels are heavy duty and last very long. They come in 4 different colors for easy color coding. To avoid window streaks and smudges, towels used for glass and windshields should never be used to wipe the body of the car. Car rocker panels can be covered in road tar, and door jambs may have silicone grease on them. If a towel used for wiping these areas is reused on glass, it will cause streaks. Color coding is an easy way to make sure the towels used on a car's body can be kept separate from window towels.

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SKU 12345
color yellow
size 16x16mm

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