Prep Your Car To Road Trip The West Coast

Prep Your Car To Road Trip The West Coast

Going for a trip on US-101? Or maybe Interstate 5 is more your speed? Either way, you'll be in for a fun drive. Traveling the West Coast of America is roughly a 24-hour drive along 1,500 miles of road, and that's if you don't take any breaks or stop to enjoy attractions along the way. After all, the point of a road trip like this is to discover things while on the way to your destination.

You'll also need to think about preparing for such a long journey. You'll need a budget ready for food and lodging, clothes and activities to keep you busy when you aren't behind the wheel, and if you're going camping you'll need to prepare your camper and other camping gear. Something else you'll need to prepare is your vehicle: the West Coast goes from a desert in the south to the rainiest part of the United States in the north, so you'll need to be ready for everything.

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