The key to washing cars professionally is efficiency and speed. Providing a high-quality car wash efficiently means having the proper tools to do the job correctly without wasting time. The less time it takes to wash one car translates to more cars being washed per day.  Check out the provided tips for washing cars quickly while maintaining a high standard and ensuring repeat business.

Start with the Tires First

Start the washing process by cleaning the tires first. Any tire products that end up on the paint wash away during the washing process. It prevents the need to go back and wash specific sections of the car later, saving time.

The Two Bucket Method

Every professional car washer knows that washing a car by hand is best for the car. But it's not enough to use just one bucket. Washing with the same bucket means that the dirt from the car mixes with the soap suds and the car isn't as clean. Cleaning also takes longer.

Fill one bucket with clean water and one with soap. Rinse the washing glove in the clean water and wring it out before putting it back in the soap. It's a good method to start with if you're not ready to use a foam lance yet.

Using a Foam Lance

A foam lance is a key tool in speeding up the washing process. It's a soap gun that coats the car in soap evenly in just one shot. The soap stays on the car longer, giving it a chance to soak in and break down stubborn or caked-on dirt. Pair it with cleaning gloves and good microfiber towels for an optimum cleaning experience.

Wash in Sections

Even though the foam lance coats the car completely in soap, rinsing it all at once is fast but not efficient. Rinse it off in sections to make sure that all the soap comes off. Otherwise, it will take longer to clean due to any leftover residue.

Treat Your Microfiber Right

Microfiber towels are the standard for car washing. Color-coding them according to task is another way to speed up the process. Organizing towels this way lowers the incidence of scratching, lessens friction, and makes washing and drying a much easier process.

Invest in good-quality towels and wash them separately from regular laundry. Microfiber picks up the cotton from regular towels, making them harder to use. They don't need a ton of detergent, but be sure to rinse them twice. Don't forget to remove any labels prior to use.

Apply with a Buffer

A buffer is often used to remove polish or wax from the surface of the car. Without one, polish may actually leave an erratic pattern on the car instead. That's why a buffer is a much better tool to apply wax or polish. This way, the paint and clear coat avoid getting damaged with use.

Washing a car quickly depends on the tools used as well as the overall process. The tips in this article highlight ways to do that, but figuring out what works best for the way you wash cars also helps.

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