Aluminum brightener can make any vehicle look shiny and clean. However, its components make it very dangerous to humans. Most aluminum brighteners contain hydrofluoric acid, which is ranked among compounds most hazardous to human health. So, when applying aluminum brightener, it’s important to take preventive measures to ensure everyone involved is not seriously injured. The following information might help you remember to stay safe when using aluminum brightener, either with auto drill brushes or if you’re using a scrub brush for a drill, as well as give further insight as to the danger is poses to humans.

Prior Safety Measures to Take

Naturally, if you really wish to not expose yourself to the hazardous chemicals in aluminum brightener, the right protective gear along with high-quality auto detail brushes is imperative. Not only that, but you also need proper ventilation, safe handling measures, and first aid procedures in place in case of any emergencies. Your staff should be well-trained in handling aluminum brightener. To ensure this, regular safety sessions should take place to keep everyone up to date on proper safety procedures. These sessions should go over every detail so everyone is thoroughly prepared to handle an emergency.

What Does It Do?

On paper, aluminum brightener helps restore rusted, old, and fading vehicles by:

• Removing dirt, grime, and oxidation from steel and aluminum parts

• Dissolving caked-on grime

• Giving aluminum a temporary shine

It’s not, however, without its cons. Professionals don’t recommend using aluminum brightener too often, as it can:

• Eat away at the paintwork, making it lose its luster

• Burn stainless steel

• Damage windows and windshields

What to Do When Exposed to It

If anyone suffer serious burns from being exposed to the chemicals in aluminum brightener, emergency medical treatment will almost always be necessary. Hydrofluoric acid can penetrate deep into the skin, causing severe nerve damage to the extent of destroying cell membranes. The first step for an acid burn is to flush the affected area heavily with water for more than five minutes. If the burn is severe, keep the burned area in ice water until you make it to emergency room. Calcium gluconate gels can help temporarily relieve the pain.

Take these safety measures and ensure the safety of anyone working with aluminum brightener.

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