Golden State Trading is always looking for distributors to carry our products. We started out in 2002 selling microfiber towels to car washes, and through our persistent marketing efforts, customers began to see just how beneficial microfiber towels are. 

Since then, we've expanded into selling car wash brushes, detailing accessories, and other items to customers in a variety of industries including car washes, auto dealers, online-stores, and janitorial suppliers. Interested in becoming an affiliate? Check out the requirements and benefits of the in-house Golden State Distributor Program.

Why Choose Golden State?

Golden State Trading is more than just your average supplier. Unlike a traditional supplier that merely sells goods to your business at a discounted price, we work together with you. We believe in producing a quality product that delivers on-time while constantly striving to improve, whether you're just purchasing microfiber towels, or the entire range of products we offer. This philosophy is also put into action by a quality control team that inspects every product before being imported into the United States.

What Does it Take to Become a Distributor?

Golden State distributors must:

  • Have a valid business registration and reseller's permit
  • Spend a minimum of $800 per order (for private label products)
  • Order by the dozen or the box

Benefits of Partnering with Golden State

Distributors with Golden State benefit from partnering with us because we provide high-quality products. We also give our distributors the support they need by making it easy to focus on doing business as opposed to having to deal with administrative and logistical concerns.

A common concern for distributors is storage. With our distribution model, large warehouses are not necessary. Simply order what you need, when you need it and we'll make sure that it gets to you quickly. Orders in our delivery route ship free of charge. This means our distributors spend less time on inventory and paperwork and more time serving their customers.

Golden State is happy to offer samples of products to make sure that the product fits your companies needs.

Make It Yours With a Private Label

For businesses that have always wanted to start their own product line, Golden State offers customizable, private label products that don't require factories, warehouse space, or additional equipment. Meet our minimum order requirement and we'll take care of all of the details.

We don't just stop at products. Businesses in need of private label catalogs, newsletters, and flyers get all of it through Golden State. We also offer year-end rebates and a referral program as well as special bundles not found anywhere else. As a US-based company, Golden State is able to stand behind its fast delivery promises with most orders going out the same day.

Finding a reliable, quality distributor isn't easy. Often, businesses end up spending most of their time handling or addressing issues related to an order. With Golden State, businesses thrive because they spend more time with customers- and that's exactly how businesses should run. No matter what you need, we'll find a way to make it happen.

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