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Detailing Towel
Detailing Towel

All Purpose Microfiber Towel Small Green

Sku: MB15GRN
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  • Professional Grade Microfiber Towel
  • Multi-purpose cleaning and drying towel
  • Ultra-absorbent premium towel.  No scratch to all surfaces
  • Absolutely no lint, no swirl, no scratch
  • Perfect for cars, trucks, SUV’s, RV’s, janitoral cleanings and much more.
  • Can be used for a variety of applications such as cleaning, dusting, and drying
  • Overlock stitching will not unravel.  It can last many laundries
  • When used wet the microfibers add scrubbing power
  • When used dry the fibers attract dust and dirt like a magnet
  • Clean effectively without the use of harsh chemicals, microfiber towels work extremely well with only plain water. It's a GREEN product.
  • 20 packs/case (240 pcs/case)
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Lightweight and compact size microfiber towel. Although this is our thinnest towel, 260GSM, this Super Towel is still made with 70/30 polyester/ polyamide combination . That means they still clean and dry as good as other microfiber towels. This economy towel is perfect for cleaning dirty and greasy areas because you may just throw it away due to its low cost. Always keep one of these easy access microfiber towels in your tool compartment for quick undusting or absorbing coffee spill etc. Thanks to its lightweight and small size, this Super Towel is an ideal gift or a kit-mate. If you are selling wax or sealant you might want to attach one 15"x15" microfiber towel and make it as a kit. Your customers will definitely appreciate your consideration. This will promote your business. We have 8 different colors for easy color coding. Super Towel brand 15"x15 square compact size and lightweight towels are not only for auto washing and detailing, they are multi-purpose towels. They are perfect for cleaning kitchen counter, oven, stove, cabinets, sink, bathroom etc. No big task is too hard for this little SUPER TOWEL.

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