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Located in Southern California, Golden State Trading Inc. is a passionate, fast growing manufacturer and importer of premium quality microfiber towels, professional car wash brushes and a variety of detailing accessories. We supply car washers, auto detailers, chemical distributors, automobile stores, car dealers, e-commerce companies and janitorial suppliers.

Our History - Super Towel

When we first entered the car wash scene in 2002, microfiber towels were a foreign concept that very few people were aware of. As we introduced our products to local car washes, customers quickly realized that in comparison to traditional cotton fabric, microfiber towels were much more absorbent, durable, and lint-free. Just a year later, our own brand SUPER TOWEL was born. Through years of refining, our SUPER TOWEL family has expanded to a wide variety of colors, trims, and sizes.

Product Development Team

In order to offer new and additional benefit to our customers, we always try with our best effort to modify and to improve existing products or its presentation. Sometimes, we design and develop an entire new product that satisfy a newly defined customer want or market niche. We collaborate with industrial designer and engineer to plan the most effective route to complete our project. Currently, some projects are completed either by contracting manufacturing or by our joint venture factory. We troubleshoot pitfall as a team and ensure successful timely outcomes.


Consistent and reliable quality car wash supplies and other products are our top priority. Golden State not only manufactures most of our microfiber towels we also work hand in hand with many medium size, traditional factories around the globe. Our factory and all partner factories have the same philosophy: quality product, constant improvement and on time delivery. To minimize the margin of error and ensuring the best quality for our customers, we have a well-chosen QC team to inspect all products before importing them to the United States and well before they arrive to customer’s hands.

Quality Control Team
Friendly Services


Fast and friendly service is the norm for Golden State Trading. Your order will be shipped out within a few minutes of ordering, and that emails, phone calls, and live chats will be responded, by humans, immediately. All issues will be addressed in a positive manner for the interest of the customer. If you are in our delivery route, we will deliver your order for free. We also offer dropship order service. Simply email/fax your shipping label to us, and we will blind ship for you. We also offer custom branding. Customizations include, but is not limited to, custom colors, sizes, materials, packages, labels, and barcodes.

We aspire to support our customers in every way possible to grow your business so you can make your impact on the world.
Whether you are startup or a multi-million enterprises, Golden State Trading is always here to help!

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