The Difference Between Polish And Wax

The Difference Between Polish And Wax

For many, their car is their baby. They want to do everything they can to preserve its luster for years to come. One way to do this, apart from regular maintenance and cleaning, is by applying wax and polish. However, many people often cannot tell the difference between the two products. This misconception can often be cleared up at your local auto detailing shop, but the following information might serve as a refresher course on what wax and polish are, and why knowing their differences matters.

What Is Car Wax?

Wax in its natural form comes from many sources, like animals such as bees and vegetables. Carnauba wax is by far the most popular wax used in the automotive industry for many reasons:

  • It’s virtually insoluble in water.
  • With a high melting point of 1806 degrees Fahrenheit, it can withstand the sweltering heat of summer.
  • As one of the hardest waxes available, waxing your car with carnauba results in a glossy, yet durable shine when combined with other ingredients in wax products.

Why is it necessary? Well, car paint eventually loses its shine, and wax fills in the imperfections in your car’s paint, while adding a layer of protection at the same time.

What Is Car Polish

In a stark contrast to wax, car polish uses more abrasive ingredients to remove the fine layers of the paintwork’s top coat, flattening the surface which results in equal light reflection. Polish should not be used if you recently waxed your car. This is because the fine, abrasive materials will remove any wax already on the paint. However, you can use polish to remove any contamination and then wax to seal in all the hard work and add that layer of protection, as mentioned earlier. Glazes are also available, and these contain no abrasive materials but rather gloss-enhancing oils and Kaolin to fill in remaining imperfections.

Which One Should You Use?

Which on you use depends entirely on your particular needs. But, it’s best to use them together to get both that showroom shine you’re looking for as well as added protection from the elements.

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