Private Label Development

Golden State offers private labeling and customization to our distributors as part of our distribution program. Private labeling offers a distinct advantage to retailers compared to traditional reselling of products. Find out what private labels are and what they'll mean for your sales in 2019.

Understanding Private Labels

A private label is exactly as the name suggests. Products made have the label of a specific retailer on them and are typically sold in that retailer's store or stores. They offer a retailer the chance to sell products that are exclusive to them and without competition from other brands. It also increases brand awareness among customers. High-quality products result in customers coming back to buy more of the same quality items they received before. The inventory also moves much faster which increases revenue overall.

Advantages of Private Label

Making the decision to implement a private label is a significant step for any business. But once it's taken, the company in question is automatically put in control of supplies and sourcing. In a retail setting, it's often difficult to control the quality of product received from the manufacturer. With a private label, a retailer ensures that the product meets quality standards and has all of the necessary customizations needed. The communication between retailer, manufacturer, and supplier is often quicker which means that changes get made faster if they are needed.

Customize Your Product

The product and labeling are also adjustable so that if a retailer finds that certain products work well in one area and not in another, the product is able to be adjusted to suit specific requirements. Private label also gives more control to the retailer in terms of where the product is sold, marketed, and distributed. This is advantageous, particularly when trying out new products in certain markets before moving on. You'll be able to measure sales to see if a product works before distributing it widely.

How Private Label Affects Sales

Profits on private label products are typically higher as well. When selling re-sale products, a markup is already built into the price at every stage to make sure that everyone in the supply chain profits. Private label supply chains have fewer people in them and products are made directly which cuts out middlemen and increases profit.

Not only is the feedback loop quicker between the manufacturer and the retailer, customers are able to give feedback too. This means that if customers have any issues with the product, changes happen much faster which can increase brand loyalty.

Lastly, it's harder for established brands to compete with private label products. The product on the table serves the unique audience that the retailer has targeted for distribution.

Golden State is proud to offer high-quality microfiber towels and supplies. We promise to help our distributors and retailers sell the best products out on the market today. We offer both custom labeling and other products designed to help our customers succeed and profit. Visit our website to learn more about becoming an affiliate.

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