Keep Your Car's Shine Through A California Drought
Water Does Not Equal Clean

Using soap and water is the most traditional way to clean a car. In fact, it's not uncommon for people to think that using soap and water is the best way to get their car truly clean. However, this method not only increases the amount of water used, it also puts the vehicle's paint job at risk.

Regular towels and sponges aren't specially made to preserve a car's paint. As a result, they cause unintentional damage to the paint in the form of scuffs and scratches. Dirt and debris on a car move around during the cleaning process too, contributing to paint damage. That's why thinking about the process of how to clean the car is just as important as using the right products.

Always Use Microfiber

Microfiber towels are a staple at commercial car washes throughout the country because they are essential to clean and shiny cars everywhere. Made up of a mixture of different types of fibers, microfiber picks up and traps dirt and debris, thanks to its strong and durable material. By picking up dirt and debris more effectively than other methods, microfiber stops people from scratching their cars while trying to clean them.

Golden State has made microfiber its business, quite literally, and strives to find new and innovative ways to make its microfiber towels better. Several different types of Golden State towels are suitable for any job, large or small. 

The fluffy Ultrasonic Edgeless microfiber towel is both soft and durable. It's made to absorb a waterless wash mixture without sacrificing clean and shiny paint. It has a deep pile of red or blue microfiber that's fine enough for a precision clean. A square cut without tags ensures that the surface of the car remains clear and scratch free, making it perfect for sensitive paints.

The Super Thick Supreme is both soft and fluffy. Designed to pamper your car's exterior, it removes dirt and dust with ease. Silk trimmed edges make sure no scratches or lint get left behind. Use it for washing or polishing to cut down on water usage during water conservation efforts.

Golden State also has microfiber towels for the dirtiest car exteriors, like the small, thin, yet efficient Super Towel. Its cost efficiency makes it the type of towel you use for the worst kinds of dirt, grease, or polish — no reuse necessary. The Super Towel is a staple product during times of drought because it does everything water does, without the waste. Super Towels are also great for drying cars and buffing them, too.

Clean Regularly

Another way to keep your car looking clean during a drought is by cleaning it regularly. A bigger car wash every few months uses up a lot more water because dirt and grime build up over time. However, by using waterless products, microfiber towels, and small amounts of water regularly on a car, you no longer need to do a major wash in the future. This not only saves on water volume but also the time and effort it takes you to either wash the car yourself or drive to the car wash.

Conserving water in California during a drought requires both consideration and a little creativity. Work smart by cleaning your car with effective eco-friendly products and high-quality microfiber towels. Don't forget to clean it regularly and avoid letting the dirt build up, for a car that looks good both in and out of drought.

Golden State is your go-to expert when it comes to microfiber towels and all the accessories necessary to keep your car looking its best. Visit our website at for a look at our extensive inventory.

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