How Often Should You Detail Your Car During The Winter?
Where Is the Car Usually Parked?

Make sure to use the correct mitts, pads, and sponges to remove the dirt spots. Acid rain on a continued basis is also corrosive. Rainwater tends to lock in the contaminants and accelerate rusting. However, if the car is parked indoors, many of these factors are eradicated, making the need for washing your car less urgent. A weekly wash for outdoor parked vehicles is recommended and less often for indoor parked vehicles.

How Much Commuting Do You Do?

Daily commutes expose your car to contaminants regularly. The distance of your commute and the area you drive in will affect what the car is exposed to as well. If you drive near the ocean, the salt in the air causes rust and corrosion. Cold winter weather can cause bug splatter and dust to freeze, making removal very difficult. In very cold climates, salt or sand is placed on the road to melt the snow and clings to the underside of the car. Road slush and mud are more common in the winter months and cause havoc with your car. All these factors damage the vehicle, so a weekly car wash is recommended.

How Do You Deal With Winter Washing?

In winter your tires take more strain, so make sure to clean them thoroughly with a wheel cleaning brush when you wash your car. Because of the poor visibility in winter, it is imperative that the headlights and windows are kept clean. Make sure to wash the windows last and use good cleaning products and microfiber cloths. After washing your car, adding a coat of wax to the body gives your car an extra layer of protection, which is well needed during the winter. Again, a weekly wash is the recommendation.

Taking care of your car and keeping it clean gives longevity to your vehicle. A regular cleaning protects the car and gives you a higher resale value when it's time to resell or trade-in. Consider getting your car detailed on a regular basis, such as a wash every two weeks, a wax every six months, and an interior cleaning every few months. This will keep your car in great condition, with the added advantage of caring for the environment. A professional car wash is the most eco-friendly way to keep your car clean as the runoff is captured and treated.

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