Detailing Supplies Car Wash Companies Need

Getting a car looking like new isn't as simple as it looks. An experienced crew might make it look quick and easy, but it takes time to get that good. You also need to have the right supplies.


There are a number of different brushes, and they're each designed for a different job. Some are specifically for cloth and fabric, while detailing brushes are great for getting into hard-to-reach crevices. Those are all considered interior brushes, but stiffer bristles are needed for the tires. Each brush has its own area where it excels, so you'll need a small assortment to handle washing and detailing a vehicle. There's simply no one brush that will do everything.


As with brushes, there are a number of different cloths available as well. A weave cloth is excellent for glass. It'll help the glass to be streak-free and get that crystal-clear shine that everyone loves. A silk-banded towel is usually preferred for drying and buffing. Before you can get to the drying, you'll want a wash mitt as well. A wash mitt is made of fabric, plush, and usually fully washable itself. A wash mitt will make an excellent addition to your collection of cloths.

Spray Bottles

Many people think that all spray bottles are the same, but they're certainly not. Some are for window cleaner, while others are for foam or soap. Having a well-organized assortment of spray bottles is essential. You'll need several different sizes, and they may come with different nozzles as well. You don't always want a single stream, especially if you're trying to maximize the coverage area. Spray bottles probably seem somewhat basic, but they're a must-have for every job.

Wax and Polish

After you brush and spray, you'll need to wax and polish as well. Don't let marketing hype fool you. Not all waxes and polishes are the same. Everyone has their favorites, and it's usually due to the appearance and durability. Weak, thin waxes may be cheap, but they often don't hold up over time. After a superior car wash, every vehicle needs to be protected. If you want shine and protection, quality wax is key.

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