Cleaning Checklist For Novice Car wash Owners

Start with a Spray Down

It's a tried and true method because it works. Don't even think about cleaning, waxing, or dusting, or anything else until the car has been sprayed. That first spray of water removes all mud and dust in advance. This begins the process of cleaning the car, and prevents small scratches that can result from dusting alone.

Keep It Shady

The best time to wash a car is on a hot, sunny day, so make sure there's plenty of shade on your property. Cars that are sprayed down with cool water are at risk for damage to the paint job since hot metal expands, causing flaking. Keeping the cars in a cool spot away from the sun prevents this from happening.

Be Gentle

The greatest potential for damage is when cars are given an auto scrub by hand, so it's important that it's done right. For starters, that means do not wash or dry moving the sponge or cloth in a circular motion. No matter what they taught you in Karate Kid, you'll want to sponge the car moving in long straight, gentle lines. Circular motions encourage "scrubbing" and that will only cause scratches, which is a big no-no in the car wash business.

Soft Non-Abrasive Materials When Drying

Once the washing is done, the job is only half over. Be sure to wipe away excess moisture with chamois leather or terry towels to prevent spots. Not only are spots unattractive, but they will damage the paint job if left unaddressed.

Starting your carwash with these simple rules in mind will keep your customers satisfied and coming back for future car washes.

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