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Dual-Faced Buff Towel 700 GSM
Dual-Faced Buff Towel 700 GSM

Edgeless Dual-Faced Buffing Towel, 700 GSM, 16x16 inch

Sku: MFD16
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  • Ultra-Soft Microfiber: Ensures a scratch-free and streak-free finish.
  • 700 GSM: Provides exceptional absorbency and plushness.
  • Edgeless Design: Eliminates the risk of scratches on all surfaces.
  • Feathering Dual-Side Color: Available in Yellow/Grey and Blue/Grey for easy color-coding.
  • Versatile Size: Ideal for both exterior and interior detailing tasks.
  • Efficient Cleaning: Lifts and traps dirt, dust, and grime effortlessly.
  • Professional Quality: Perfect for achieving a showroom-quality shine.
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Introducing Golden State's Birdie Collection ultra-soft edgeless buffing microfiber towels, the ultimate choice for auto detailing and polishing tasks. Crafted with a luxurious 700 GSM (Grams per Square Meter), these towels provide exceptional absorbency and plushness, ensuring a scratch-free and streak-free finish on any surface.

The Birdie Collection features dual-side design in elegant color combinations: Yellow/Grey and Blue/Grey. This unique design not only adds a touch of style to your detailing kit but also allows for easy color-coding and task differentiation.

With their edgeless construction, these towels eliminate the risk of scratches, making them safe for use on all surfaces, including paint, chrome, and glass. The ultra-soft microfiber material effortlessly lifts and traps dirt, dust, and grime, making your buffing and polishing tasks more efficient and effective.

Perfectly sized for versatility, these towels are designed to meet the demands of both professional detailers and car enthusiasts. Whether you're working on exterior surfaces or delicate interiors, the Golden State's Birdie Collection microfiber towels will help you achieve a flawless, showroom-quality shine.

Experience the superior performance and luxury of the Birdie Collection ultra-soft edgeless buffing microfiber towels and elevate your auto detailing routine to a new level of excellence.

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