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NanoSkin Autoscrub Foam Pad Fine Grade 6" for DA Polisher 24pcs/case

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$1,296.00 /case

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Short Description


  • Remove contaminants from surface of car paint, glass, and plastic
  • Fast and effective way to prep the surface before waxing and polishing
  • Can be used with dual action polisher or hand strape applicator
  • Fine grade is ideal for light to moderate paint contaminats
  • 1 pc / pk & 24 pks / case



The Nanoskin Autoscrub foam pad has a velcro side so you can easily attach it to a dual action polisher. The advanced rubber polymer coating side can safely remove the paint contaminants like rail dust, over paint spray, bugs, tree sap, road tar, and water spots. Using a polisher with the nanoskin autoscrub disk can significantly reduce the time of decontamination.

Set the polisher on low speed, spray lubricant on a small working section, then move the polisher back and forth and then side to side. Do not apply any pressure to the polish. Inspect the paint often by hands. When the paint feels smooth, wipe off the lubricant with a microfiber towel then move on to next section. Without DA polisher? No problem. The nanoskin autoscrub foam pad can be also used by hand. Simply attach it to a hand strap applicator. It still works faster and easier than traditional clay bar. Unlike traditional clay bar, it can be reused even you drop it on the ground. Medium grade foam pad is perfect for light to moderate contaminated vehicles.

Spec. & Care



SKU 12345
color yellow
size 16x16mm

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